Heart of the Heart Nebula – IC 1805


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I’ve been working on my narrowband imaging.  Up till now I haven’t been happy with the results.  It always seemed that the Ha had significantly more detail and depth than the final Ha, OIII and synthetic green image.  The combined image always just seemed washed out.

I also have just been unable to really get some usable OIII data for the Heart Nebula with my 350D.  I just get too much noise as I extend any subs past about 12 minutes.

So I decided I would really just combine use the OIII data to smooth out some of the details of the Ha and balance the stars to make them white again.

My goal was to keep the depth of the Ha data with its contrast and wow factor (when seen in the color version minus the noise from the green and blue channels) but balance out the stars, and highlight along the edges of the tendrils in this portion of the nebula.

Here is what the Ha only version looks like -

I actually finally like this image after a lot of fiddling.  I tried not to overprocess it.
Telescope: LX200 8″ with f/6.3 FF/FR
18x10min Ha
30x10min OIII
Lots of Darks(40), Flats (60) and Flat Darks (60)
Stacked with Nebulosity, Processed in Photoshop

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