Double Cluster with Comet Hartley Widefield – 35MM


Because I am tired of imaging through an off-axis guider with my 8″ Meade LX-200 I decided to shoot some widefield images over the past week while the Comet Hartley was rampaging along Cassiopeia.  These are two different processing passes of the same image.  On the first image on the left I have tried to cut down on some of the skyglow light pollution I was getting from even these dark skies by enhancing the darker dusty areas of the shot.  I am actually trying to figure out which one is better, so your comments are appreciated.

Details of the Image:

58 x 3 minute Subs – stacked in Nebulosity

60 x 3 minuted Darks

60 Flats

Canon 350D unmodified piggybacked on my Meade LX-200 8″

Shot with my wonderful EFS 17-55mm lense at set at f/4.5 and 35mm

Processing done in Photoshop, GradientXterminator and Hastalavista Green plugins used for some of the finer points.
p.s. I just bought a modded 350D so I can hardly wait to see the difference.

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